Trading education

Trading Education

Educating and enriching clients is a crucial part of allowing traders to trade with confidence. For this reason, we provide a rich collection of training materials including articles, eBooks and videos. We cover all aspects of trading for beginners and intermediate traders. We hope you will enjoy our educational resources.


Trading for beginners

Our Trading for Beginners section gives you all the information you need to start trading CFDs with confidence. Learn everything you need to know about online trading and how to place your first trades.

Correct Trading Rules

Online trading is an exciting endeavour, and it is possible to achieve consistent profitability by ensuring you know how to trade efficiently and have mastered the trading basics before progressing to more advanced trading techniques and strategies. Take time to browse through the guides that will set you up for potentially more successful online trading.

Technical Analysis Indicators & Strategies

CFD and forex traders mostly utilise technical analysis methods in analysing the price changes of their preferred assets. This requires the understanding of price action methods (candlestick types and candlestick patterns) as well as the different categories of technical analysis indicators that help measure price elements such as momentum, trends, volatility, market cycles, and volume.

Economic indicators

Take a look at the various types of economic indicators and data releases, the importance of using them in your trades and their impact on the relevant assets.

Market terms for Pros

It is important to understand all the relevant key terms, as this will only help you to become a better trader. It can help you to gain further knowledge from more professional sites as well as participate in interesting trader-centric forums. Reading, learning, viewing and using forex terms continually will make you more comfortable with trading lingo over time.To set you off, here are some of the basic terms you should understand.

Online Trading Strategies

When trading specialised financial markets, such as Indices, Bonds, Vanilla Options and ETFs among others, there are two broad strategies often implemented: day trading and swing trading. Here you will find a selection of online trading strategies covering various financial instruments, and suitable for day traders and swing traders, so read on!

Order types

Learn about different types of market orders, pending orders and conditional orders used on the financial markets.

Trading Ebook

tradeprimeindex is pleased to offer a FREE eBook “Forex trading Strategies”. Learn more, and then start trading.

Trading Education FAQ

  • What trading education do day traders need?

    Any education in finance, economics, and mathematics is going to be helpful for day traders, or really for any traders. That said, you don’t need any type of specialized degree in any of these disciplines. In many cases simply following markets, reading news reports and articles about the assets and companies you’re interested in trading, and simply getting in there and getting your hands dirty by placing trades, and later analysing what went right and what went wrong in the trades, is enough to become a successful day trader. tradeprimeindex offers a wealth of information that will help contribute to the education of any prospective day trader.

  • Can you learn trading on your own?

    The fastest way to learn how to trade is by taking some course, or by finding a mentor who will guide you through your early days as a trader. However, neither of these are strictly necessary. It is possible to do your own research and find your own educational materials and learn trading. It might take longer, but it can also lead to a much broader trading education. A perfect place to start learning all about trading is through the educational materials offered by tradeprimeindex. Even more advanced traders will find something to add to their knowledge in our education centre.

  • Is trading hard to learn?

    There are a lot of areas to consider when learning trading, but none of them are truly hard to learn. Every trader should try to master either technical or fundamental analysis, and should have at least a basic knowledge of both. In addition, the successful trader will need detailed knowledge of the platform they trade on and the different order types that can be used. It is also very helpful to understand something of trading psychology, and having a solid grasp on trade management and risk management is crucial for the long-term survival of a trader.